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Give yourself a little face time. Whether you want to replenish, revitalize or refine, Skin By Brittney's customized facial treatments feature aromatherapy, herbal formulas and state-of-the-art science to offer treatment that's more than skin deep.

Dermaplaning w/ Customized Facial:  75 Minutes
Dermaplaning  carefully  exfoliates  the  top  layer  of  the  skin  with  a  specialized  surgical  blade.  The  process  removes  dead  skin  cells,  peach  fuzz,  and  stimulates  new  skin  development.  There  is  no  "down time"  involved  and you  may  return  to  your  office  or  your  busy  schedule  afterwards.  Patients  who  routinely  receive  Dermaplane  treatments  comment  on  the  smoothness of  their  skin  and  its  "baby  skin  like  quality"  and  see  an  immediate  improvement  to  the  radiance  of  their  skin  tone.  Dermaplaning  is  also frequently  used  prior  to  facial  treatments.  Since  Dermaplaning  removes  the dead  skin  cells  and  stimulates  the  surface  of  the  skin,  chemical  or  plant based  skin  formulations  are  absorbed  more  efficiently  and  results  are remarkably  improved.
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Dermaplaning w/  Chemical Peel:  1 Hour
Patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment.
(Buy 3 upfront & get your 4th FREE!)

Dermaplaning: 45 Minutes
For  those  who  want  to  remove  dead  skin  cells,  peach  fuzz and  stimulate new  skin  development  on  the  go!  This  treatment  includes  a  thorough  cleanse,  dermaplane  and  restores  moisture.

Microdermabrasion: 45 Minutes
Microdermabrasion is a progressive, non-invasive procedure for skin resurfacing, this treatment gently removes epidermal cells revealing healthier younger looking skin.  Excellent for sun-damaged skin, superficial scars, blackheads, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and acne. 
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Microdermabrasion w/ Facial: 75 Minutes
(Buy 3 upfront & get your 4th FREE!)

Microdermabrasion w/ Chemical Peel: 1 Hour
Patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment.
(Buy 3 upfront and get your 4th FREE!)

90 Minute Facial: 90 Minutes
This ultimate spa facial uses aromatherapy to induce a sense of relaxation and well-being. The 90 minute facial includes all the features of our 60 minute treatment plus detoxifying massage. Wonderful for stressed out skin.

Baby Boomer Facial: 75 Minutes
Skin  is  awakened  and  nourished  with  the  Baby  Boomer  facial.  Targeting  dull and  slackened  skin  tissue,  this  three-step  enzyme  and  mask  infusion  delivers  a  potent  dose  of  antioxidants  and  age  reducing  peptides,  giving skin  a  glowing,  radiant  finish.

Eminence Organics Firm Skin Facial: 75 Mins
Get glowing, youthful skin that boasts the appearance of fewer fine lines & wrinkles. When combined with the hydrating powers of hyaulronic acid, skin is plumped and regenerated to turn back the years for skin that appears ageless.

Intensive Lightening Facial: 75 Minutes
Lighten  and  brighten  skin  while  infusing  it  with  potent  age-reducing antioxidants.  The  rejuvenating  benefits  of  collagen  boosting  peptides  and marine  collagen  give  skin  an  import  dose  of  vitamin  C  and  essential protein.  Skin  will  glow  with  new  found  youth!  For  those  concerned  with  sun  damage  and  post  inflammatory  hyperpigmentation  (redness  left  behind by  breakouts)

Eminence Organics Bright Skin Facial: 75 Mins
Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and dark spots naturally with active botanicals in this clarifying and lightening treatment. Gigawhite and Natural Hydroquinone Alternative deeply target uneven pigmentation while stone crop and bear berry nourish the skin.

Triple Infusion Hydration Facial: 1 Hour
This  in-depth  moisturizing  facial  is  ideal  to  help  boost  moisture  content  and  help  combat  hyper-pigmentation  and  wrinkles,  leaving  your  skin completely  replenished.

Detox Facial: 75 Minutes
A   step  up  from  the  Acne  Facial.  Blended  herbs  of  oregano,  basil,  thyme, and  rosemary  create  an  antibacterial  and  unique  “healing  paste”  that  destroys  toxins  and  purifies  skin.  This  treatment  aids  in  the  clearing  of blemishes  and  congestion  and  deeply  cleanses  skin.

Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Facial: 75 Mins
Say goodbye to problem skin and hello to a radiantly clear complexion. Cooling cucumber tones and revitalizes skin while refining yogurt works to exfoliate and eliminate the signs of acne, your skin will glow with new found confidence in no time!

Eminence Organics Calm Skin Facial (For Sensitive Skin and Rosacea): 75 Mins
Get out of the red and into the clear by calming the appearance of Rosales naturally with soothing marigold, ivy and arnica. Signs of redness are minimized with organic ingredients aimed to detoxify the skin and reduce inflammation and irritation.

Gentlemans Facial: 45 min. - 1 Hour
We honor a gentleman's skin with a customized facial that is specifically  formulated  for  the  different  sensitivities  of  a  man's  skin including  clogged  pores,  razor  burn  and  ingrown  hairs.

Back Facial: 45 min.
A  thorough  cleansing,  exfoliation,  extractions  and  gentle  massage  assist  in clearing  current  breakouts  while  preventing  new ones.  Leaving  the  skin resurfaced  with  a  bright,  healthy  glow.

Express Facial: 30 min.
This mini version of a 1 Hour Facial is perfect for people who want healthy skin but are pressed for time.  Targeting specific problem areas or concerns, this facial may be for acne and extractions or for exfoliation and hydration.  (This facial does not include hand and arm massage.)

Lotus Peel (Enhanced Jessner w/ Lightners) / 45 Mins.
PATCH TEST REQUIRED 48 HRS PRE PEEL! Lotus Peel is a new, cutting-edge peel that offers anti-inflammatory and natural lightening - the results - a brighter complexion, smoother skin tone, and younger-looking skin.
(Buy 3 upfront & get your 4th FREE!)

Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel / 45 Min.
PATCH TEST REQUIRED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO PEEL! With the next generation of AHAs and enhanced with a mandelic complex, Hibiscus Peel is a non-irritating peel that accelerates cell turnover while providing skin lightening, healing, & smoothing benefits.
(Buy 3 upfront & get your 4th FREE!)

Hot Tomato Peel / 45 Min.
Tomato has many naturally occurring acids and antioxidants – the anti-bacterial benefits make this a specialized peeling for problematic, oily, acne-prone skin. This is a mid-depth peeling and the skin will experience mild exfoliation and increased healing.
(Buy 3 upfront & get your 4th FREE!)

Bridal Boot Camp: 3 Months
Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that becomes every bride, Bridal Boot Camp is designed to help that glow along! Scheduling a series of monthly peels/facials beginning as early as three months before your wedding will help ensure your skin looks picture perfect on your wedding day! Bridal Boot Camp Includes the following services:
3 Months Out: Lotus Peel
2 Months Out: Vitamin A & Peptide Peel
1 Month Out: Vitamin A & Peptide Peel
2 Weeks Out: Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel w/ Facial
1 Week Out: Eyebrow Wax & Design
$365 When purchased upfront
                                        ($465 value or when purchased separately)

Bridal Boot Camp: 6 Months
6 Months out: Lotus Peel
5 Months out: Lotus Peel
4 Months out: Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel w/ Facial
3 Months out: Vitamin A & Peptide Peel
2 Months out: Vitamin A & Peptide Peel
1 Month out: Intensive Lightening Facial or Detox Facial
2 Weeks out: Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel w/ Facial
1 Week out: Brow Wax and Design 
$700 When Purchased Upfront 
($830 Value or when purchased separately)

 Make your spa experience even more fulfilling by customizing your facial with your choice of enhancements. Each uses a concentrated formula to enhance your facial's benefits.

Hand Treatment:
This formula is specifically designed to address the appearance of aging & sun-damaged hands. This formula contains an intensive combination of agents that target discoloration, textural changes and dryness, resulting in measurably younger looking hands.
$35 - $45

Eye Treatment:
 Give your eyes a lift! Naseberry Eye Exfoliant gently removes dead skin cells reducing the look of fine lines while honey and green apple moisturize and tone. Followed by Raspberry Eye Masque to firm the appearance of skin, revitalize and fight the visible signs of aging!

Lip Treatment:
Deeply hydrating with rich shea butter and avocado oil, this whipped dream melts into the lips and countour area to impart incredible softness while natural peptides stimulate collagen production and fullness smoothing the appearance of fine lines. 

Eyebrows $22
Lip $15
Chin $17
Cheeks $25
Full Face $75
Nose/Ear $25
Underarms $30
Half Arm $40
Full Arm $50
Half Leg $50
Full Leg $75
Back OR Chest $65
Stomach $30
Shoulders $35
Bikini $45
Brazilian $70

Eyebrow Tinting $17
Eyelash Tinting $23
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting $40

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